molly 4 weeks


2nd. Girl –Molly

-8 weeks Old

- Standard, small, elegant addition, on medium-high legs.

- Very active and bold, medium-sized, with good silk hair

-She is intelligent, playful, active and very sociable

- Beautiful attractive face and expressive eyes.

Weight: An adult in the range of 1800-2200g.



1st. Boy- Marley

-8 weeks Old

- Very small, Gentle and playful boy, with a very bright gold in color, super short attractive face.

-He was the last so, the most playful, love to be pampered and carried in the arms and legs.

- Weight: An adult in the range of 1500-1800 g.

ella 5 weeks


1st. Girl –Ella

-8 weeks Old

- Very loving and affectionate girl Very little

- Very voluminous and wide, on low legs, teeth scissors 6 * 6, 00 in place.

- Beautiful attractive face and eyes

- The girl was born first, so she is the most intelligent, the most active, the most sociable.

- Weight: An adult in the range of 1800-2500g.